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Weekly classes and workshops at The Meadow Healing Centre


Some evening appointments are available for individual treatments - email


Individual treatment appointments available - email to book
Kundalini Subtle Yoga with Wendy 10-11am
A subtle class focussing on a slow mindful practice. Kundalini Yoga can help to regulate the nervous system, reduce stress levels, reduce pain, improve mental health, improve mobility, increase flexibility and feel empowered.
Please contact Wendy to book - / 07855 267915
Meadow Voices - Holistic Singing for Well-being (currently on hold)
Singing is good for health and well-being. This session encompasses the body and mind, in a fully holistic experience with the voice and singing at the centre. Expect Mindfulness, Relaxation, Breathing Exercises, Gentle Movement, Voice strengthening exercises, singing a range of repertoire. It is not a performing group, although we may have sharing opportunities.
£7 drop in rate of £5 per session if block book for a half term at a time. Sessions are usually term time only. Contact for more information or to register your interest. 
Individual treatment appointments available - please email
Qigong Class (currently on hold)
Qigong is a series of gentle standing (or sitting) postures developed in ancient China, which help to naturally align the body structure and the flow of energy through the body. Breathing into these movements encourages a peaceful connection between mind and body. If practiced regularly Qigong can support health and well-being whilst improving balance and coordination.
Wednesday evening drop in classes with Nic Sweetzer-Sturt 7pm-8pm. £7 drop in or block book for a month at £5 per session.
Anella - Holistic Singing group for people with Chronic Lung Conditions 
A series of specialist sessions for people living with chronic lung conditions. Sessions include relaxation techniques, gentle movement to encourage greater connection between body and mind, voice care and vocal exercises, breathing techniques and singing simple songs. Led by a British Lung Foundation Singing Expert and assisted by a Sound Therapist/Assistant Vocal Leader.
Most Friday afternoons during term time £4 per sessions. For details email
Equinox Qigong (currently on hold)
Led by Angie, Qigong is a gentle form of moving meditation. Relaxing, invigorating and beneficial for health, it is suitable for everybody. 10-11am. £7 drop in or £30 for a block of 5 sessions.   
Kundalini Yoga with Paola (starting 16th January 2022)
Sound Bath Meditation evenings with Reiki Healing
Sounds Like Healing offer regular Sound Bath Meditation Evenings with individual Reiki Healing. Booking is via Eventbrite (see Regular Events).
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