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Restorative Voice Work and Vocal Massage

Individually tailored sessions working with body, breath and voice. For professional voice users, singers or anyone wanting to understand their voice better.

  • Holistic and body focused approach to the voice

  • Supporting recovery from voice problems

  • Effective as follow on treatment after sessions with a SALT (Speech and Language Therapist)

  • Help with overcoming vocal strain or hoarseness

  • Teaching, coaching and vocal health support for vocalists/professional voice users

  • Massage and Laryngeal Manipulation

Sessions include; voice assessment, case history collected, massage and manipulation techniques to reduce vocal loading and tension, tailored exercises and recommendations for self-care and management.

Initial session & consultation - 1 hour 15 minutes = £55

Follow up sessions - 45 minutes = £40

Emily is a singer and vocal leader specialising in singing and voice work for health and well-being. She works with the Accent Method of breathing. She is a British Lung Foundation trained Vocal Leader and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy and Applied Professional Practice. Emily has completed Laryngeal Manipulation training with Jacob Lieberman. She is also a Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner and applies these techniques in sessions.

Please note that Emily is not a Healthcare Professional and if you are concerned about your voice, you should consult your GP for a referral to a Voice Clinic or Speech and Language Therapist. 

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