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Regular events at The Meadow Healing Centre

Sound Baths with Reiki
Restorative and relaxing therapeutic Sound Baths combined with the ancient healing art of Reiki with Sounds Like Healing. Once or twice a month usually on a Friday evening. Places are limited so must be booked in advance.
Mantra & Meditation evenings 

Meditation evenings focused on balancing the Chakras through Mindful Meditation, Mantras and Sound Healing.


Dates coming soon... 

Yoga/QiGong with Sound Healing and Reiki
Occasionally Sounds Like Healing teams up with Yoga or QiGong Practitioners to offer immersive and luxurious sessions of Yoga accompanied with Sound Healing and culminating in a Sound Bath with individual Reiki Healing. 
Booking is essential.
Dates coming soon...

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